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This site is dedicated to scanlations of Naruto manga and doujinshi rated PG-13 and under. Navigation is above, please enjoy your stay. ^__^


aug.26.05 - I've had to quit releasing the low quality versions. Because the raws usually come out first thing in the morning for me, I've been scanlating at work as privacy and time allowed. But they've just hired someone new for our office, who now sits directly behind my desk every day. No more privacy for me. :( Besides that, it still takes up a lot of time & energy to do both lq and hq versions, and I'm discovering not for the first time that I'm lazy. I've been slacking on the hq versions lately because of it, and it's taking energy away from my other projects too.

You can still read Pan's translations every week on myth720's lj, since she's not a slacker like me. XD; And I will still do the high-quality versions, though they will come out less frequently.

july.13.05 - New address! Gravity was taking up too much bandwidth, so I moved it to one of my lower-traffic servers. You're now seeing the site on http://flatspace.org/gravity/. I may end up having to move it again, depending on bandwidth, tracking, and money concerns.

I've gotten bad about updating the front page when I add new manga chapters, sorry about that. I usually end up posting the chapter to so many places that I forget. ^^;

june.10.05 - Low quality version of chapter 263 is up on the manga page. Sorry for the delay - the raws came out while Pan was sleeping, and her translation came out while I was sleeping. I wanted to use the extra time to clean the raws up a bit, but sadly I didn't have the chance - preparing for my upcoming vacation has left me very busy.

june.02 - Chapter 262 speed scanlation is up! Also, if you downloaded this early, page 11 was missing before - if you just need that page, you can get it here.

Also also, I forgot to mention the scanlation of 261 here! That came out last week, as about 2000 of you figured out already. I'm forgetful, what can I say. ^^;;

may.19.05 - Two new things on the manga page to report! First is the speed scanlation of chapter 260, Kakashi vs Itachi, which you can get here. Secondly, there are now full volume downloads for volumes 26 and 27! If you have bittorrent you can grab the whole volume at once, in one neatly labeled zip file. Help seeding is greatly appreciated. ^_^

may.13.05 - Speed version of chapter 259 is out, go download!

may.09.05 - I'm probably the only one that cares about it, but I did new high quality versions of chapters 227 and 228. These were the first Naruto chapters I ever scanlated, back in early September of '04, before I had my own raw sources to edit with. I had no idea how involved I'd get with this project then. ^^ We ended up having to use Inane's scans for those chapters, but I'd always meant to go back and redo them, and last week I finally got around to it. Anyhow, I scanned from my tankoubon for these versions, so the quality is much nicer than before. It's a little preview of the way I'll be doing future chapters, so I hope you enjoy!

may.03.05 - I'm changing the way I release scanlations a bit. From now on I'll be doing speed versions of the new chapters every week (low image quality), and then releasing high-quality scanlations from the volumes as they come out every two months. Trying to stave off carpal tunnel as long as I can. ^^;

apr.16.05 - Finally done with Gaiden - chapters 242 through 244 are up on the manga page. These aren't quite as high quality image-wise - the raws got worse, and I got impatient to be done with this arc. I'll be glad to get back to working on the current story arc, though I think I'll take a little break before starting another chapter.

apr.10.05 - Two more Gaiden chapters, Teamwork and The Real Hero - download them here on the manga page! The rest of Gaiden should be along shortly. Also, I've started getting the raws at home, so chapters 254 and onward should be rather high quality once I get to them.

mar.24.05 - Another chapter of the Naruto manga ready for download! You can get ch247, The Invaders of the Sand, right here on the manga page. I also added a link to the text translation for chapter 253, which just hit the web this morning. ^^ Next up, more high-quality chapters of Kakashi Gaiden.

mar.15.05 - Finally more manga! The first chapter of Kakashi Gaiden is finished, you can download it here. More chapters coming soon!

I also added links to the text translations on myth's livejournal for each chapter we've yet to scanlate. As I finish each one I'll replace with download links. Hopefully it's not too confusing, just use the asterisks as a guide for what's new. ^^

mar.04.05 - I finally got to making a link banner. It's not the best one ever, but it will do for now. If you'd like to use it, please upload the image to your own server first! Eventually I'll get to making a links page, too.

Also, more Naruto manga on the way. Lately I've only been able to find low-quality raws to work with, so it takes a bit longer to release. If anyone has access to Weekly Jump itself and is willing to scan, let me know! Also if you have a good high-quality raw source (not Narutofan, Tokyo Toshokan, etc. - I check those already), I'd love to know about it.
edit: I've bought myself a subscription to Weekly Jump, so hopefully I can provide my own before too long!

feb.014.05 - Their Growth! - chapter 246 of the Naruto manga is up!

feb.01.05 - The Naruto manga is back after a month-long break! And it's been three months since we saw any current story development, so it's extra exciting. Chapter 245, Naruto's Return to the Village! is up on the manga page. For those who might be wondering, I am skipping over Kakashi's Gaiden, but only temporarily. Surfin_pika and I are still working on them, but I didn't want to get farther behind - plus I was excited about having a new chapter, so I finished it very fast. ^__^

jan.16.05 - Chapter 238, Time To Set Off! is up, go get it on the manga page. Thanks again to myth for helping with the quality check. <3

jan.04.05 - More Naruto manga uploaded! Chapter 237, titled Idiot!! is available for download in the manga section. I'll be working furiously to get more chapters done before the manga resumes, so check back in a week or so for more.

dec.26.04 - The site goes live! Some little things to tweak in the future, but otherwise we're good to go. If anyone finds broken links or other things I may have overlooked, please let me know. Thank you, enjoy the site! ^__^

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